Free printable travel games for kids, including scavenger hunts, bingo, license plate game, hangman, word searches, connect the dots, and more. License Plate Game: Printable Road Trip Activities. We are always looking for great travel tips & hacks for our road trips! 10 Best Car Games for Kids; ... everyone seemed to play the license plate game on family road trips. Ultimate Road Trip Games! It's loaded with printable car games! Excellent version of classic road-trip activity. Read Common Sense Media's License Plate Travel Game review, age rating, and parents guide. Ive been thinking a lot about our summer road trip ... Family Road Trip: 10 Printable Travel Games. Add some fun and excitement to your next trip with road trip games! License Plate Lottery is a great game where the focus is on other cars and their license plates. The license plate game, road sign bingo, mad libs and more! Road trip car games are necessary for long car rides. Travel games are great for kids and passengers of all ages to pass the time in between hamburgers, hotels, and roadside attractions. Road trip games can make the miles fly by on a long road trip. Find a list of road trip games to make your next car camping ... License Plate Road Trip Games. Road Trip Printables for Kids: License Plate I Spy to help you keep the children from uttering the dreaded, "Are we there, yet?" phrase! ... and many other free printable travel games, car games and fun road trip activities for ... Free Printable Car Games ... License Plate Game Banish backseat boredom: Coloring, word searches, crossword puzzles, license plate games, hangman, ... My MiniTime. My Trips; My Profile. ... Road Trips. 15 Funniest Road Trip Games for Adults & Kids. ... Road trips with family or friends create memories that last a ... 3 Fun Road Trip Games. 3.1 License Plate Games; These fun car games will help kids beat backseat boredom and help you stay sane during road trips. Here are a few of the games we like to play on road trips. ... Road Trip Games. ... License Plate Game Kidzworld's got the lowdown on the best road trip games and activities to keep your brain from slipping into ... License Plate Bingo. Road Trip Word Game Rules Each player writes down letters from 20-30 license plates. (both need an equal amount) Using one plate as the word bank per turn, each player constructs a Enjoy this free printable US Map License Plate Game for your Family Road Trips! Road trip printables to keep kids busy in the car. Print these free road trip PDF games and activities for long trips or vacations. Every year thousands of families hit the open road. Weve got the games to prevent ... best road trip games and activities to keep ... car trip ideas! When the road doesn't quite keep our attention, these road trip games will keep us engaged. Road trip games: 10 top car games for road trips in Canada and the US. ... Everyone gets a new license plate, selected from the cars around you. person playing the game) A map of the United States if you have younger kids, print a map with the names of the states; if your kids are older, print a blank map This simple game allows you to keep track of all the different license plates you see on your roadtrip. Going on a road trip? Want to entertain the whole family by playing a fun car game?