Wordpress doesn't store the pages as you are thinking. There is an index page which looks at the URL and then decides what should be rendered. The contents(or as you can see the editable text) are stored in the database. There are different php files with loos in them to determine how to render a particular page or post. I use the Firefox extension Firebug to see where it is located within the html, but in the cpanel I can not find the html document that this section is written into. I would highly appreciate if somebody could help me regarding this matter. Thanks in advance. I tried out but still having problems. I want to change the main page. The banner- mages which appear on a website..I try to edit the page,when i do that it get's to the publish. After i publish it,the home page doesnt change. Plz enlighten me more on how to change the main page that shows the banner. Thanks. cPanel is a web based control ... cPanel Tutorial. ... that you can't find anywhere else. Find out why Close. How To Edit Web Pages With cPanel DeanHolland1. Using use the Code Editor in cPanel. Login into your cPanel. Go to the File Manager. Navigate to the page you want to edit. Select the file and click code editor. Now you How to Find Your Site's .htaccess File in cPanel ... you should be able to find the .htaccess file on that page. How to View Website Statistics in cPanel Using AWStats. Web Page Stats Outside of cPanel? Overview. This document explains how to log in to cPanel, WHM, Webmail, and the Command Line Interface (CLI). How to View Website Statistics in cPanel Using AWStats. Web Page Stats Outside of cPanel? If you're using the cPanel File Manager and you have not set it to view hidden files, then you will not see the .htaccess file. You can reset the File Manager settings by logging into cPanel and then going to the bottom of the If your cPanel interface looks different, dont panic! To change the style of your cPanel, find the Preferences section of the Home page (its usually near the bottom) and click Change Style. You have a choice between Basic and Retro. 3 Find the .htaccess file in the list of files. You may need to scroll to find it. 4 If you dont see .htaccess file on the File Manager page, make sure Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) is checked. See dialogue box below. You can access this dialogue box by clicking Settings button found on the right topmost part of the file manager page. The File Manager in your cPanel can be used to view, modify, add, and delete website files from your account. In this tutorial we will show you how to get to the File Manager in cPanel, and Edit a File. . How to get to File Manager. Login to your cPanel. Click the File Manager button in the Files section. You will then be in your File Manager. This article will guide you to set the custom index page from cPanel. Log. From the Advanced section of your cPanel, click on the Error Pages icon. On the resulting page, select the domain for which you want to manage the error pages and then click the error page code that you want to edit. Note that there are many other error pages that you can configure by clicking on the Show All HTTP Error Status Codes tab. Login to your hosting control panel (cPanel) with information provided by your host company. MySQL Database Wizard. Under the Database section, click on the MySQL Database Wizard icon. File Manager allow you to access, view, modify, upload and delete a files from your account. Check how to do that for your WordPress Blog using cPanel. Log into your CPanel - Click on the Tools icon at the top. Click on File Manager in the left hand menu. Click on the file folder icon next to "public_html (do not click on the words "public_html) Click on the words "Upload file(s) Click on Browse then find the file you want to upload, on your hard drive and select it. You can set the custom index page to your website by modifying the .htaccess file. This article will guide you to set the custom index page from cPanel. Log How can I search for a specific string (function name or a variable name) in my files which are in various directories under cPanel file manager? cPanel is an administrative interface for server processes on a Linux server. Use cPanel to Create an Empty Database WordPress separates style and content by storing page and post content in a MySQL database. This requires that you create an empty database for storing your website content. As the name suggests, cPanels User Manager features support a variety of options for user account control, including email accounts, FTP accounts, and cPanel accounts. Redirecting web pages or folders in cPanel Creating Redirects in cPanel . How to redirect one web page or site to another in your cPanel web hosting control panel How to create a site/domain redirect in cPanel - You can create the redirect for your domain in your cPanel. Learn How to Find or Create WordPress .htaccess file in cPanel. There are lots of functionality you can add or control using .htaccess file.